Seneor Detectors:
FS122 Wireless P I R Motion Detector FS128 Wireless glass breaking detector (audio type)
FS122 FS122 is normal type
FS122P is for by-pass pet type
Long battery life
FS128 Glass break and Audio
Verification Detectors
Easy install and protect wide area
FS131L Wireless Magnetic Sensor FS133L Wireless Vibration Sensor
FS131L FS131L is Door or window open trigger
With a PANIC button
Extension NC switch terminal.
FS133L It can detect device be hit or broken
or substantially moved in any way
With a PANIC button
Extension NC switch terminal.
FS156L Wireless Universal Transmitter FS157L Wireless Water Sensor
FS156L NC wire input trigger alarm
With a PANIC button
Long battery life
FS157L Upon flood detection
Easy installation on the ground
Detect the water at any location
FS136A Wireless Temperature & Heat Sensor FS166 Wireless Gas detector
Digital temperature sensor
Temperature range -40℃to + 60℃
Heat detector to trigger fire alarm
FIGARO low maintenance solid stare gas sensor
natural gas and Mixed gas (LPG) detector
With siren to emit beep sound
FS118 Universal Sensor Transceiver FS315 Repeater Transmitter

Can combine with any brands of wire alarm console that received wireless sensors to trigger external siren and trigger alarm panel.

FS315 Increase the working range of sensors and alarm control and external siren.
Power by AC adaptor with back-up battery

TR5 Module with 9zones wire sensor  
With transceiver for wireless sensor
9 ports NC wire sensor trigger input
It is for option more wire sensor port

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