FS166 Wireless Gas Detector with Siren
FS166 is one of the most reliable gas detectors on the market.
It provides very accurate detection in its’ monitoring area and is
compatible with all traditional Fronti Wireless Security Systems as well.
The wireless design ensures an easy installation.
It is a natural gas and Mixed gas (LPG) detector. 
Dependable and accurate to identify potentially dangerous situation, when methane, propane or butane gas leakage occurs.
When trigger alarm will send a signal to console that can report alarm event via voice call-out, SMS text or TCP/IP App to smart phone.
  1. Excellent Stability and High Sensitivity.
  2. We adopt from Japanese FIGARO low maintenance solid stare gas sensor.
  3. Hot wire gas sensor detector for Natural gas and LPG gas. 
  4. Advanced detection of methane, propane and butane gas leakage in continuous manner.
  5. LED indicates signal transmission OK.
  6. Built-in buzzer 85dB.
  7. Alarm indication by LED and buzzer.
  8. It can be combined with our alarm console to report alarm event.
  9. It has back-up battery, when AC power loss that can keep working 12H.
  10. When AC power loss will send a signal report to console.
  11. It has auto report to confirm on normal working.
Power Source AC adaptor DC6V 0.5A & back-up battery
Stand-by current 100mA (Max)
Broadcast range 150M in a free space, indoors about 30 M
Working Current 450mA (Max)
Working frequency 433.92.MHz or 869.25MHz
Dimensions 125m/m x H50 m/m, Weight: 140g

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