Applications: (03/2018)

 FS330A APP is for receive alarm event /operation and program the alarm console via GSM SMS and
Wi-Fi/IOT Cloud server, that APP can any time & anywhere on-line working with alarm console.
The alarm console Wi-Fi will via IP router 24H connect to cloud server, so user phone APP can via 4G/5G or Wi-Fi login server e-mail/password user account to connect alarm console working.
User can on APP via cloud server on anytime and anywhere working with Wi-Fi console.

We wFS330A IOT APP function:

  1. Login page: The APP has to e-mail account and password register to server for security manager.
  2. Site page: The app can pre-set multi console code data and save console data that can select to control different alarm console working.
  3. Name page:  It can pre-set the console connect code data and save console data.
  4. It can set the Wi-Fi module register to server on local IP router network.
  5. Setup alarm console page: It can set the console all program data and re-flash to read the program data
  6. on the console.
  7. Setting working mode1: It can set the console working mode on Disarm/Home/Away armed.
  8. Also it can show the console working stats.
  9. Setting  working mode2: It can active the 5kinds of alarm on stop alarm/Silent panic/Panic/Five and
  10. Medical help.
  11. Turn ON/OFF switch page: It can set the console 5 groups AC power switch ON/OFF and show stats.
  12. The each channel group can by user define the AC power switch name.
  13. Event log monitor page:
  14. It can show the console all event log list that can re-flash update new event log.
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