FRONTI Profile:
Fronti Co is a professional security system R & D, manufacturer and exporter since 1995.
We are a manufacturer and exporter of wireless security alarm system and home automation products.
Our products offer products for professional security company, installer service company and DIY market sector.
User can on GSM/IP/Wi-Fi IOT to combine with smart phone APP for setting and report event. .

FRONTI Feature:
  • Quality Approvals
  • Easy to install/use
  • Good After Service
  • ODM/OEM Products Development.
FRONTI Products offer:
  • People can safety exit on Fire alarm.
  • Intruder avoid enter my house.
  • Friendly and Smart house.
 FRONTI Designs are a Reliable Wireless Convenience
Fronti Wireless Security & Safety Systems protect homes, store and offices around the world. They have no wiring connect between the alarm console and accessories making the entire system neat, tidy and easy to install & operate. It is also the most flexible kind of security allowing each system configuration and set up to be easily tailored to each unique home or office environment.

 FRONTI Multiple Safety Approvals

Vigorous compliance with international safety standards has seen the rise of Fronti Technology to an elite level of prestige and reputable standing All our security solutions have gained the following approvals:

FRONTI OEM / ODM Products Development

Do you need a reliable Asian manufacturing base?

The Fronti R&D teams are true wireless experts that have hard won experience, various technologies and patents they can draw upon. Their collective talents and "Can Do Attitude" surprise and please our OEM and Distribution partners. Fronti professionalism and integrity are unmatched by our competitors. Fronti's Superior Solutions and Resources are only an Email away. What are you waiting for?

If you do not have?

  • Flexible, High Quality Product Tooling Designs that are tailored to your needs.
  • A Professional OEM partner that listens effectively, communicates clearly and protects your products & markets.
  • An experienced, creative and motivated R & D team that faces each new challenge with a can do attitude.
  • A reliable in house QC team that makes thorough & rigorous inspections and keeps accurate test logs & reports.
  • Consistency you can build real market strategies upon.
  • An OEM partner that pays serious attention to details.
Fronti Technology Corp.
Address:3F, No.501-21, Chung Cheng Rd, Hsin Tien Dist., New Taipei City 23148,Taiwan
TEL 886-2-2218-8855  FAX 886-2-2218-3930

E-mail: (sales)