TR5 Transceiver Module with 9zones wire sensor

The TR5 module offer wireless transceiver and 9ports NC wire
sensors input.
It can option for install at all Fronti alarm console that offer user more wire sensor request.


  1. It can offer wireless transceiver communication with Sensors, Remote, Siren, Keypad..etc.
  2. It can offer NC type wire sensor to trigger alarm.
  3. The 9ports wire sensor can define the wire sensor name no the console.
  4. LED indicates the transmitting and receiving condition.
  5. The wire sensor can addressable to report the alarm event and sensor number.
  6. It can add external cable antennal to increase the working range.

Power Source DC 5V by the console
Stand-by current 6mA (Max)
Broadcast range 150M in a free space, indoors about 30 M
Working Current 15mA (Max)
Working frequency 433.92.MHz or 869.25MHz
Dimensions L 50m/m x W 45 m/m

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