FS131L Wireless Magnetic Sensor
The FS131L Wireless Magnetic Sensor can detect if there’s a door or window opened or substantially moved in any way and then send a signal to alert the alarm console.
It can be installed on the door, closet or drawer, and if it’s used with a small glass mount detector, it will become a very effective glass-breaking detector. It can set on report the convenient advantage of Open/Closed Door/Window monitoring.
When the user Arms the system, they will immediately alert to any door or window that are still open, providing those access points are supervised with the sensor.
  1. Designed for easy installation on doors and windows.
  2. Low standby current on sleep mode to save power.
  3. Built-in tamper switch and zone switch to set-up sensor zone.
  4. Built-in extension magnetic reed switch terminal.
  5. LED indicates signal transmission and battery condition
  6. It can set on close/open status report mode.
  7. High transmission power is for long distance working area.
  8. The sensor has low battery detector function which can report to console.
  9. It has auto report to confirm on normal working.

Power Source DC 3V CR123A Lithium battery
Stand-by current 8uA (Max)
Broadcast range 150M in a free space
Working Current 8mA (Max)
Working temperature range -10 deg C to 40 deg C
Battery Life 3 years(Depending on usage conditions)
Dimensions 100L x 30W x 20H (mm), Weight: 60g
Working frequency 433.92.MHz or 869.25MHz

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