FS315 Repeater Transmitter
The FS315 Repeater transmitter increases the effective distance & range between the console and wireless sensors & detectors or between the console and external siren/AC power switch, there by enhances the overall power & versatility of the system.
  1.  Increasing the distance between the console and the transmitter of sensors and detectors.
  2. Increasing the distance between the Console transmitter and the receiver of external siren and FS172 AC power switch.
  3. Can be combined with Fronti console and accessories to increase wireless control range on two-way communication.
  4. Can be registered totally 20pcs wireless sensors ID code repeater signal to the alarm console.
  5. One LED indicates the radio TX/RX signal working condition.
  6. With mounting bracket holder, it can be fixed on the wall.
  7. Built-in tamper switch and power failure detector can report event to alarm console.
Power Source DC 12V 500mA by AC adapter &
re-chargeable back-up battery
Stand-by current 15mA (Max)
Broadcast range Up to 150M x 2 in a free space
Working Current 30mA (Max)
Battery Life About 2 years
Dimensions 135L x 78W x 28H (mm), Weight: 250g
Working frequency 433.92.MHz or 869.25MHz

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