FS118 Wireless Sensors Transceiver

The FS118 wireless Sensor transceiver is wireless sensor and wire alarm console interface, it has NC and NO alarm input/output terminal that can be connected to any brand wire alarm console.
Companies choose the FS118 because it saves them time & money during installation, which has superior features that can receive Fronti all wireless accessories.
Therefore, it is a very powerful interface system, it also can trigger wireless external siren and control the AC power switch.
  1. Working mode: Away armed and disarmed.
  2. Totally it can be registered 40pcs ID code wireless sensors accessories.
  3. Eight LEDs are displayed of Armed/Disarmed, 2 channels sensors, sensor low battery, sensor tamper alarm, alarm input, alarm output and transmitter signal.
  4. Built-in two channels of sensors ID code to register. Each channel has 20pcs sensors one port alarm output to trigger the alarm console.
  5. Built-in NC output port for Fire alarm, sensor low battery and armed/disarmed output to trigger alarm console.
  6. With an alarm input port to trigger wireless external siren and control AC power switch turn on/off.
  7. Controls strategically deploy FS146S/FS148S wireless siren that can control the siren to turn on/off and armed/disarm working mode.
  8. When the FS118’s alarm is triggered, it can control FS172 AC power switch turn ON/OFF.
  9. It has one port input to control the FS172 AC power switch to turn ON/OFF.
Power Source 9-16 VDC from Console or AC adapter
Stand-by current 15mA (Max)
Broadcast range 150M in a free space
Working Current 35mA (Max)
Working temperature range -10 deg C to 40 deg C
Dimensions L 145 x 60 W x 25H mm, Weight: 250g
Working frequency 433.92.MHz or 869.25MHz
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