FS311 Wireless Keypad with Card Reader
The FS311 is a wireless remote keypad with card reader, and it can be installed on the wall, and it can also be portable. Therefore, it is user-friendly to operate the security alarm console.
The FS311 Remote Keypad can command control and trigger console like the FS222, FS240, FS255, FS290 and FS310.
It can register 4 groups total 12 card numbers on Keypad.
The 4 user number can define user name and control partition working by SMS/FS330W PC software.
  1. Wireless remote keypad can command control and trigger all fronti alarm console.
  2. Key buttons has blue color backlight, 3 seconds delay time auto off.
  3. With fire, medical, panic and silent panic function button.
  4. One LED indicates the TX signal working or low battery condition.
  5. With mounting bracket holder, it can be fixed on the wall.
  6. With a buzzer to emit beep sound for key tone and working condition.
  7. Built-in tamper switch and low battery detector can report event to alarm console.
  8. Can accommodate 9 users password to operate the alarm console.
  9. When incorrect passwords entry (hacking), the digital keypad will lock out for protection.
  10. It can register 4 groups total 12 card numbers card number on keypad to control working mode of the alarm console.
  11. It supporters ISO1443B and ISO15693 card protocol specification.
  12. The user card number and name setting log will save on alarm console.
Power Source DC9V AC adaptor and rechargeable battery
Stand-by current 10uA (Max)
Broadcast range 150M in a free space
Working Current 120mA (Max)
Battery Life About 2 years
Dimensions 135L x 78W x 28H (mm), Weight: 220g
Working frequency 433.92.MHz or 869.25MHz

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