FS172 Wireless AC Power Switch (Plug type)
The FS172 Wireless AC Power Switch is designed for wireless auto control the AC power turn ON/OFF.
It can control by Keypad, pre-set temperature level HI/LO, and pre-set timer.
Send SMS command, PSTN on DTMF code, Fire sensor or water sensor to control the power ON/OFF.
  1.  Designed for easy installation on AC power socket, plug and play function.
  2. Can accept alarm console via phone call-in or GSM send SMS command to control.
  3. For any household electric appliance; converts living style into convenient, comfortable and luxury.
  4. All models are compatible and can be linked together as a system for control.
  5. LED indicates received a signal to control switch on/off.
  6. Can be combined with alarm console; when the console triggers alarm, it will control turn on the light or camera working.
  7. Can be combined with alarm console to pre-set temperature level HI/LO, in order to control turn on/off the AC power.
  8. Can be combined with alarm console to pre-set timer, in order to control turn on/OFF the AC power.
  9. It has dip-switch to setup channel 1-5 for user control different device of power on/off.
  10. Can accept the fire detectors or water sensors to control turn on the AC power.
  11. Can accept control 10A 2000W (maximum) AC power on/off.
Power Source AC 200-250V AC plug.
Stand-by/Working current 20mA /50mA (Max)
Working frequency 433.92/869.25MHz
Broadcast range 150M in a free space, Indoors about 30M.
Working temperature -10℃ to 60℃
Dimensions 115L x 55W x 55H(mm), Weight: 100g

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