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FS219W Digital Alarm event receiver and Window software
The FS219W Alarm Receiver System is designed for alarm service center or alarm console installer that can receive user’s alarm console report alarm event via SMS and digital dialer Contact ID data.
Center can send SMS command to control user alarm console working mode and setting program data.
The FS219’s window software is very easily and friendly to use.
The Alarm Receiver can receive digital dialer Contact ID data via PSTN systems,and receive SMS via GSM systems.
In terms of the user, installer or monitor center, it very easily connect to the alarm console while in the working situation.
  1. It supports total 9999 numbers managements of customer accounts.
  2. It can receive alarm event SMS and display on PC window software from alarm console.
  3. It can receive alarm event digital data (Contact ID) and display on PC window software from alarm console.
  4. The monitor center can show report alarm event memory from user alarm console.
  5. Center can send SMS with password/command code to control user’s alarm console working mode. (Such as: Away, Home, Disarm or turn ON/OFF AC power switch.)
  6. Center can send SMS with password/command and data in order to set user’s alarm console in program data.
  7. The system can key-in phone number and SMS text to call-out to send normal SMS message to user’s hand-phone.
  8. It can receive normal SMS from user’s hand-phone and display on PC window software.
  9. It can manage the memory of the sent and received SMS on the list.
  10. The PC Window software can operate on Win XP, Vista and Win 7 versions.
  11. The PC Window software can manage the all memory report alarm event and view alarm event list.
  12. Installer can easily accept user’s request to operate or set user alarm console on monitor center.
  13. The system can send SMS to set the alarm console working mode, and user alarm console will auto reply working mode.
  Power Source 9-16 VDC from Console or AC adapter
  Stand-by current 15mA (Max)
Broadcast range 150M in a free space
Working Current 35mA (Max)
Working temperature range -10 deg C to 40 deg C
Dimensions L 145 x 60 W x 25H mm, Weight: 250g
Working frequency 433.92.MHz or 869.25MHz

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